Monday, October 10, 2005

NOLA Lower 9th Ward: Residents Not Getting In,
Who Will Search Homes for Bodies?

Times-Picayune reports....... "Residents of the Lower 9th Ward are frustrated they have not been able to get in to see their neighborhood."

No word on any search of the 150 homes of the 9th Ward that were never searched...and won't be. Rather the plan for body recovery is up to individual residents now. If people find a body in the 9th Ward and call 911 then someone will come pick it up.
State, federal and local teams have ended the official search phase
of the body recovery mission. State-supported recovery teams are
available to assist should a body be found that must be recovered.
Individuals who are aware of a body that has not been recovered
should call 911.
But if residents can't EVEN get into the Lower 9th Ward how will that happen?

It appears some searches continue in NOLA based on 40 day old 911 calls..
The 911 printouts they are using have been culled from an original list of 14,374 calls that automatically rolled over to the State Police headquarters in Baton Rouge when local emergency services were cut off by the hurricane
State Police are just a few searchers still remaining today but those searches are almost at an end and are now being conducted in St. Bernard Parish....not part of 9th Ward.
About three weeks ago, with rescuers finding fewer and fewer survivors, the job became less urgent, but in many ways more solemn. The search participants dwindled down to the Louisiana State Police and a large contingent of police officers from various parts of New Jersey.

Between the two agencies, officers pinpointed the location of more than 150 bodies, many of them in houses that already had been subjected to an initial search.
If over 150 bodies were found in homes that had already been searched one has to wonder how many bodies remain in homes that were never searched?

The LA Death Toll rose to 1021...see next post below.

UPDATE: Residents will be allowed into the 9th Ward on Wednesday but can not stay. Hopefully they will check on the homes of the many elderly neighbors and report bodies.......

"We're going to have re-entry for a 'look and leave' into the Ninth Ward starting on Wednesday into those areas where we don't have the large debris fields," said Terry Ebbert, chief of emergency operations for the city.

Dogs are still being used in the area to check large piles of debris for bodies, and one part of the Ninth Ward is still flooded with about a foot of water, Ebbert said.

Under the arrangement, residents will be allowed to view their homes and salvage belongings, but cannot stay. Lower Ninth Ward residents are mostly poor and black.

The Lower Ninth Ward is the last New Orleans neighborhood to reopen to residents.
Debris piles are being checked However Homes are Not. How many bodies are in the homes?

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