Monday, October 10, 2005

Bush Living Fine Tonight in NOLA

Bush's digs at Winsdor Court ................Typical NOLA digs

Here is the headline from New Orleans
Bush enjoys fine dining, posh hotel on return visit to N.O.

President wants to show N.O. is getting back on its feet

09:59 PM CDT on Monday, October 10, 2005
Associated Press

President Bush got a taste of some of New Orleans' finest Monday, dining in the French Quarter and staying at a luxury hotel to showcase progress in the hurricane-battered city even as much of it remains in ruins.

The historic French Quarter was mostly spared by the storm and is showing increasing signs of normalcy with lights back on and establishments re-opened.

Still, many of New Orleans' stores and businesses remain closed, relatively few people are on the streets and many areas remain uninhabitable, even if mostly dry.

The president, accompanied by wife Laura, saw little of that, instead choosing to shine a spotlight on the improvements.

Be it NOLA or Iraq why is it that this President seems to only want to see "the progress"?

Tomorrow of course he plans a great photo op of him working on a Habitat for Humanity project. He'll look likes he's getting down and doing hard work.
Just don't forget tonight it's fine dining and a posh hotel.
Suggestion to Bush:
If you really want to look like you are doing the heavy lifting..... Go to the Lower 9th Ward to pull some of the dead bodies out that no one will go get.

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