Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush Did Have an Idea

The NY Daily News (via Atrios) reports that "Bush rebuked chief political guru Karl Rove two years ago for his role in the Valerie Plame affair"

This is very interesting given that 2 years ago, three months after the leak Bush said this...

Asked by a reporter on Oct. 6, 2003, whether the leak was retaliation for Wilson's criticism, Bush replied: "I don't know who leaked the information, for starters. So it's hard for me to answer that question until I find out the truth."

Asked the next day if he was confident that the leakers would be found, Bush, alluding to the "two senior administration officials" cited by Novak as his sources, replied: "I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official. Now, this is a large administration, and there's a lot of senior officials. I don't have any idea. I'd like to. I want to know the truth."

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