Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Andy Card's Ethics Video

I was looking for a template to create a scorecard to keep track of all the Republicans either being investigated, receiving subpoenas, under indictment, well you get my drift.
So I googled "scorecard" and came across this site:
President George W. Bush Resources for the President's Team
It's all about Results, Excellence and they do indeed have scorecards!!

But what caught my eye, though not all the eyes of the President's team obviously, was under Tools for Success :
White House Chief of Staff Andy Card discusses Ethics in Government

Yes..... here is a video of Andy Card instructing the Bush team on Ethics.
(Click this link for video and transcript).

Or click image below for video only (RealPlayer).....

I wonder if Andy remembers making this or that it is there on the website.
At any rate it includes such discerning advisement as this......

But even beyond that, recognize that working on this administration means that you should have the courage to follow the rules, obviously, and stay within the law, obviously. But it's actually to do more than that. Recognize that you do have a moral compass that tells you what to do and to do the right thing, and we'd like to see everyone do the right thing.

Quite a few people skipped Andy's video, obviously. I guess there wasn't a scorecard for that.

But do go see Andy instruct the team on how they are the "stewards of the American taxpayer's money."
Don't think the team caught that part either, obviously.

UPDATE: You learn the darndest things on these internets especially at the Ethics Section of the Resources for the President's Team. For example...

" If you are faced with a situation in which you believe that the ethics rules are implicated, your first step should be to discuss the matter with one of your agency's ethics officials. The ethics officials are there to help you, and we urge you to seek their assistance whenever an ethics-related question arises. "

And who is the Ethics Official for the White House .....Harriet Miers.

So here's my questions for the confirmation hearings:
  • Harriet did anyone ever express concerns about Karl Rove's ethics? No? Why the hell not? Didn't they watch the video?
And the Ethics Official for the Office of the Vice President???
None other than David Addington of whom WaPo wrote:

"Where there has been controversy over the past four years, there has often been Addington. He was a principal author of the White House memo justifying torture of terrorism suspects. He was a prime advocate of arguments supporting the holding of terrorism suspects without access to courts. Addington also led the fight with Congress and environmentalists over access to information about corporations that advised the White House on energy policy. He was instrumental in the series of fights with the Sept. 11 commission and its requests for information"
And the Ethics Official for FEMA???
Haaa...No One!! Surprised?

Seriously ethics in the Bush administration is a joke. Would any employee ever go to Addington, the torturer, with an ethics situation? Fema which has no listing for an ethics official is the one agency that may have needed a reporting mechanism most. "In a 2003 survey of federal employees, FEMA ranked last among large agencies in worker satisfaction" This was in large part due to bitterness that crony appointments of incompetents to top positions was ruining the agency's ability to respond to disasters effectively.
I wonder what is a worse "stewardship of the taxpayer's money"....inoperative Ethics Officials or a website dedicated to resources this team will never use and clearly mock. I suppose the website. They had to pay someone to develop it whereas no one spent many hours on resolving ethical situations, obviously.

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