Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Good Story

I sense Disaster Despair and Fatigue setting in so hey how about just a good 'ol story.....

The Unnatural Natural

  • It was supposed to be a simple story about a mysterious senior-softball phenom whose legend was growing in America's heartland. Of course, nothing is simple.

  • By J.R. MOEHRINGER I checked my watch and peered into the distance. I was starting to think he'd never show. I was starting to think he didn't exist.

    In a way I was right.
    It was a warm summer night, two months ago, a slow dusk coming on. I was sitting beside a well-groomed baseball field in St. Louis, surrounded by a dozen well-groomed men in their 60s, members of a softball team called U.S. Pallet, which competes in an intensely serious league for senior citizens. The first game of a doubleheader against archrival Bud Light was set to begin, but there was no sign of U.S. Pallet's best player, one of the best players in the league—the man I'd come to see. His name was John Meeden, but most just called him Homeless John.

    For the rest.......

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