Monday, April 11, 2005

The Milkman Cometh........
Or Maybe Not

I am watching the Bolton (Got Milk??) confirmation hearings on CSPAN right now and attempting to write about the Democrats coming efforts to block Bolton's confirmation. When suddenly I hear the tell tale sign of a protest at the hearing ...voices shouting . Indeed 3 women rose, each holding pink banners. One stated "Diplomat for Hire. No Bully Please." They were lead out peacefully by security. As this just happened I do not know who they were but will update. Anyway...

Democrats on the committee are trying to block Bolton's confirmation. It is rumored they are attempting to gain one Republican (presumably Sen. Lincoln Chaffee) on the Foreign Relations Committee to vote against Bolton and thus force a tie and effectively block the nomination. There are many reasons by which one could object to Bolton. The Dems:

"have zeroed in on accusations Bolton pressed for two intelligence analysts to be fired after they appeared soft on Cuba with assessments that contradicted his position.
"There's very credible information that Mr. Bolton tried to have analysts -- intelligence analysts, in at least two cases -- removed from their jobs because he was going to state a position which was in contradiction to the information that the intelligence community believed was correct," Sen. Christopher Dodd (news, bio, voting record), a Democrat from Connecticut, told ABC."-- Yahoo

At this moment Senator Dodd is pushing the point. He states Bolton's own staff have made statements supporting the above allegation. He asked Bolton directly if he had done so and of course did not receive a direct answer. The Committee chair then cut in saving Bolton from Dodd and moved on to the more Bolton friendly Sen Allen(R-VA).

Sen. Kerry then did a great job of summing up the numerous statements Bolton has made which Kerry characterized as showing nothing but disdain for the UN. Bolton amazingly stated he was "mis-qouted" to which Kerry said these statements are on tape. Then Kerry ran out of time.

Bring on the Tapes!

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