Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ford Gives Stinging Testimony

I always find it fascinating when the worker bees of Washington come forward and give testimony on the queen bees so to speak. First it happens so rarely as people are hyper-conscious of protecting themselves in Washington and second because it gives a glimpse of the workings of the government not ususally seen.

Carl Ford, the former Assisstant Secretary of State: Bureau of Intelligence and Research gave stinging testimony today that Bolton was a "kiss-up, kick down bureaucrat". The not so deft freshman Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) attempted to portray Bolton in a better light only to elicit from Ford an even stronger negative characterization as he repeated that Bolton is a "bully" and further that Bolton is no people person. Ford said if Bolton is left around people then people will only "get hurt". (just the qualities one wants to see in a diplomat) And that is just a brief snip- it of Ford's testimony.

According to Left Coaster it probably will not make a difference in the outcome of Bolton's confirmation but it was some good teevee.

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