Friday, April 15, 2005

200 UW Students Stage Walk Out

200 UW-Madison students walked out of classes Thursday to protest the war in Iraq and demand an end to any military presence on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Chancellor John Wiley doesn't want to hear from them:

He said he wouldn't even consider getting rid of military recruiters.

"I would just as soon they not even bother bringing me (the petition)," he said.

You can let him know what you think (or I guess that is "bother" him in Chancellor speak) by e-mailing or calling him at:

Phone(608) 262-9946


From the Capital Times:

Campus police pulled the plug on an electrical generator at a campus anti-war rally that attracted about 200 students late Thursday morning.

The protesters did not have a permit to hold a rally with amplification in front of Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said Capt. Brian Bridges. When he began speaking with organizers during the rally, protesters chanted "Free speech! Free speech!" and began to push forward toward the microphone.

But the tensions did not erupt into violence. The protesters held the rest of the rally with megaphones and by shouting.

"Apparently we've got complaints from around campus that we're being too loud," said junior Ben Ratliffe, after a police officer had a word with organizers. "I would say we've got complaints of our own."

And from the WI State Journal:

71 year old Jane Jensen, the leader of Military Families for Peace was speaking when the mike was cut. She said she felt "humiliated and insulted" by being cut off halfway through her message about supporting the troops while fighting for their quick return. She said, "I just thought it was so rude. There was no reason for it. We were all speaking in a normal tone of voice. I think they were trying to incit the kids."

The protest eventually marched to a recruiting office where they were met by 75 protestors organized by College Republicans. The 2 groups engaged in a battle of chants for about 45 minutes.
The spokesman for Chancellor Wiley has said he would meet with protestors next Wednesday.

Email him anyway so maybe he'll be a bit receptive.

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