Monday, September 05, 2005

Praise for CNN

I have been critical of CNN in the past. But as I watched CNN's reporters on the ground in NO this past week I have been impressed. Jean Meserve's reports Tuesday afternoon and evening gave us the first indication that the levees had been breached. It was confirmed in the very early morning hours of Wednesday (on CNN) though officials knew Monday. Meserve's report on Tuesday evening's News Night with Aaron Brown was as compelling for how it made one see and hear what was happening in the 9th Ward as it was in demonstrating her compassion and humanity.
Anderson Cooper threw the chair at Sen. Landrieu and maybe it was one of those slaps in the face that she needed to wake up and fight.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported that Critical patients from the public Charity Hospital waited on the roof in vain for evacuation helicopters only to watch those choppers go to the roof next door to evacuate nurses and doctors from private Tulane University Hospital. Some of those waiting died.
And that is just a sampling of the many reporters on the ground who did the real work of reporting this past week. This is the CNN we need to continue to see in the future. But for now I just say thanks for keeping me informed and advocating for the helpless and dying abandoned by our government.

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