Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poll Results on Race Are Disturbing

Just how deep is racism in America?
From USA Today:

Six in 10 African-Americans say the fact that most hurricane victims were poor and black was one reason the federal government failed to come to the rescue more quickly. Whites reject that idea; nearly 9 in 10 say those weren't factors.

Well I know I'm the one white out of that 10...believing that if those were White Republicans left in NO, Bush would have moved heaven and earth to get them out.

Only one in five blame Bush, while one in four for blame NO's mayor and one in four blame the resident's.
"About 4 in 10 say they don't have much confidence in the government's ability to respond to natural disasters or terrorist attacks next time."

But then there are these numbers on Bush.......

And Bush?

His strongest political asset — the perception that he is a strong and decisive leader — has eroded to the lowest rating of his presidency, 52%. That's 8 points lower than in the previous poll, and 23 points lower than immediately after 9/11 — when his response reshaped Americans' views of Bush.

A majority of Americans say the president doesn't display good judgment in a crisis, doesn't inspire confidence and doesn't "care about the needs of people like you."

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