Monday, September 26, 2005

Brownie Will Never Last...... Again

My sister called earlier and said she had just heard on the CBS Evening News that Michael Brown had been hired as a consultant by the government to help in finding out what went wrong with the Katrina response.
I laughed and laughed and laughed. I heard her say to her husband, "She's laughing."
And I was. Then she said, "I never heard you laugh like this." It must have been like a slap to the face that brings a hysterical person around. Why was I laughing like this?
I'm not sure....

What else can you do?
If you don't laugh you'll cry?

Only these guys would effectively fire and then re-hire what all of America knows to be an absolute incompetent and think they could get away with it. Their greed knows no bounds. They do not know the meaning of "Enough". I had thought when Brownie was let go that they had to face up to their limits, admit a mistake and take action. Snort...boy was I wrong. What made me think such a thing? It is that after all this time (5 Bush years seems like 10) I am still rooted in and operating in this world with a sense of reason, rationality, fairness and shame when I do wrong and above all with the expectation that our leaders would do the same. Whoa isn't that a hoot?

Maybe Not. At least not on this one. This Brownie story is all over the cable news already. People will be hot about this one by tomorrow. It will not stand. I just can't wait to see how they spin it before they fire him for the second time.
It's the Great Age of Irony it is.

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