Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How many FEMA's are there?

Paul Krugman is asking THE important question:

But what we really should be asking is whether FEMA's decline and fall is unique, or part of a larger pattern. What other government functions have been crippled by politicization, cronyism and/or the departure of experienced professionals? How many FEMA's are there?
He offers some answers too. The media must follow up on the fine job it did in telling the story of Katrina by asking and answering these questions. And in turn our elected officials need to be held accountable for this sad state of governance. Finally the American people need to accept that the Republicans are shrinking the government to dangerous proportions. Now that they have seen the results let's ask anew........Is this what they really want?

Also be aware that the NYT will begin making you pay to read Krugman and other columnists starting September 19th. I hope this move is a miserable failure.

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