Thursday, March 24, 2005

Charlie Don't Surf and W. Don't Read

Thomas Freidman once again pens one of his columns to George W Boy President. This time he tells an obscure tale of how well George W (ashington) treated prisoners of war during the Revolutionary War after American prisoners were brutally killed. He tells this as a cautionary tale to George.

Yes probably good advice but each time Mr. Freidman does this I ask is he a fool or an idealist? For it is absolute folly to think that a man who does not read newspapers, will even see, much lest heed Mr. Freidman's missive. And if Tom is an idealist, who thinks that some how W will have a "come to Jesus" moment with the New York Times, does he really think the president who laughs about a death row inmate's execution would ever get the wisdom of Washington turning the other cheek for the principles of the Revolution?

No, Mr Freidman, wake up and smell the coffee or the napalm in the morning. Advice columns and history lessons just won't work with this century's George W.

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